Choosing the Best Laser Pointer Based on your Needs

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Mar. 07, 2024

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If you’re looking to buy a laser pointer, you probably have some questions. There are a lot of different output powers, beam colors, design options, safety features, and prices to consider. Choosing a suitable laser can be daunting if you’re unfamiliar with handheld laser technology and its capabilities. But with a little direction, you’ll be happy with the laser you choose, so let’s take a look.

Why are You Using a Laser Pointer?

This is the most critical question when considering any laser purchase. A few things you should be thinking about include:

  • What exactly do you plan to do with the laser? 
  • Do you have an idea?
  • Will you mainly use the laser in the daylight, at nighttime, or both?
  • How far do you need the laser to shine? (daytime or night)
  • Do you need to see the entire beam or only the “point” or “dot” at the target?
  • Do you have a color requirement, or is visibility the main focus?
  • Do you need safety features like a key lock mechanism?
  • How close will you be to the laser if using it indoors? Do you need goggles?
  • Do you need a strong laser for burning experiments like lighting matches or popping balloons?
  • What is your budget?

There are likely more questions that will be specific to the laser you intend to use. But this is a great list to start with. You may find that some of these questions don’t apply to your laser needs, so move to the next.

Laser Visibility at Night vs. Daytime

The nature of all light (especially lasers) is very different at night. Lasers are condensed beams of light, making them great for daytime use with a strong enough power. But the fact remains that lasers are far more visible at night than during the day. Consider a flashlight or your smartphone flashlight. Use it during the day, and you won’t see much, but your cellphone flashlight can light up an entire room at night. The same applies to laser light. They will be much brighter in darker conditions, and this is something you should think about.

Suppose you need a visible laser to use during daylight. You want to go with a high power green laser. Green laser light at 532nm is the brightest color to the human eye in the visible light spectrum, at the same power as other beam colors. For example, a 200mw green laser is 5x – 7x brighter than a 200mw red beam or purple laser. For most folks, green is the way to go.

Choosing the Best Laser for You

When you factor in a few things and answer a few questions above, you’ll have a good idea of what laser will suit your needs. If you have questions, you can get answers by calling us. We’re one of the few laser companies in the USA and have an actual phone number with a real person you can talk to. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call us, and we’ll help you find the Best Laser Pointer for your needs.



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Choosing the Best Laser Pointer Based on your Needs

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